The shower: how to choose the right model


Choosing a shower basically means combining three distinct elements: the plate, the closure / box and the taps. Taking for granted that the wall has already been decided for particular tiles or panels.

The shower should be chosen, taking into account the size of the bathroom and personal needs. The first thing to consider is the plate because it is bound to space. Then you go to the shower box, which follows the shape of the plate and whose opening depends on the free centimeters in front and on the sides. Finally, it’s up to the showerhead to the wall or the ceiling according to the dimensions of the shower.

The choice of the shower tray

It is necessary to decide in advance the place of the shower in the bathroom , to verify which shape must have (square, rectangular, round, angular in a semicircle or pentagonal) and to calculate the overall dimensions on the ground , bearing in mind that for severe cases or irregular spaces it is possible to use acrylic models that are cut to size, even directly on site. There are also different heights: consider that the smaller the edge, the more full the drain hole, to guarantee the rapid flow of water. There are three types of installation of a shower tray, which correspond to as many versions of models. Only some of these can be installed indifferently in one or the other way.

  • Supportive: it is the traditional one; raised above the ground level, it forms a sort of step and then falls back down inside.
  • Recessed: partially inserted in the screed, this type of plate has a fragile but not imperceptible edge.
  • Floor-level: the result is a plate whose surface is continuous with that of the floor and is on the same level.

Which shower stall to install

For the shower cubicle, with one or more doors, the opening modes are: hinged (facing outwards for safety), sliding, or folding (the latter facing inwards). Access is convenient in all cases, but it must be said that the folding doors slightly reduce the passage because they collect laterally. In any case, need exact measurements. If the height is generally standard of 195/200 cm, to proceed with the purchase order, it is necessary to provide the essential dimensions, which must be calculated only after having installed the plate and covered the wall. If internal measures are required, it is necessary to note the distance from the wall to the first useful support on the edge of the plate (and not inside the “basin”); if instead the external ones are needed, the distance is the one up to the last point of support on the edge. Then when the plate is flush with the floor, the measurement to be communicated is that of the total size of the plate. In all cases, it is advisable to provide the box dealer with the technical drawing of the installed plate.

Auction with hand shower or fixed shower head

The main types are the shower with hose, the most classic; it hooks to the wall with the aid of the rod and is connected to the mixer. The showerhead is a single and fixed element that is applied to the wall or ceiling, depending on the model. Sometimes those of the second type need a false ceiling because a particular compartment is required to house the components. Most can operate with water pressure ranging from 0.5 to 5 bar. There is 1 jet ( rain ), two aircraft (plus there is the one in cascade ), and three aircraft (the rotating ones are added).

By now, almost all the showerheads and hand showers are characterized by a silicone coating of the nozzles that simplifies the removal of the accumulated limestone; and often, the individual nozzles are fed independently of each other to ensure uniform flow.

Laying tips

For the shower to always be a moment of pleasant relaxation, one must pay attention to a series of details. The right height for the showerhead is 200-210 cm from the shower tray. Any changes are to be communicated to the installer during installation. The type of shower head must be evaluated based on the width of the cabin, but also according to the needs of the user. Large ones, on the ceiling or the wall with a very protruding arm (more than 55 cm), require a large and spacious box to express their potential fully. For more common situations ( 80 x 80 cm boxes ), we recommend the typically fixed rods with height-adjustable hand showers, which today offer diversified jets; but also the new columns with fixed showerheads, which are often equipped with additional showerheads precisely to satisfy every height requirement. In all cases, the attacks on the water system are standard (because regulated by standards). What varies is the mode: recessed, in the wall, or off the wall.

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