Technical solutions: bathroom and shower


Here is a preview of some technical solutions for the bathroom that will be presented in September at Cersaie 2019 in Bologna.

The technical solutions for the bathroom are those who are less concerned when the house is restructured because the choice of a system rather than another is delegated to the trust company, which will discuss the case with the construction manager, surveyor, architect, or engineer. But ultimately, the technical solutions for the bathroom are essential for everything to work out for the best and for no inconvenience to occur.

It is generally presented at trade fairs ( Cersaie in Bologna, MCE Mostra Convegno ExpoComfort and MADEExpo in Milan, ISH in Frankfurt to name the most important), the most innovative technical solutions for the bathroom point to the best insulation, to energy-saving, to the use of materials that are as sustainable as possible, as well as the remote management of some functions, such as heating.

Like every year, even at Cersaie 2019 – the ceramics and bathroom furnishing fair in Bologna, which will be held from September 23rd to 27th – there will be plenty of new technical solutions for the bathroom, that set of “invisible” systems, on which it depends. The complete functionality of an environment like this, where, for example, both the electrical and hydraulic systems are present. Here are some previews, which also concern the world of the shower in particular.

It is for the shower tray systems flush floor for the perfect water outflow, waterproof, insulating panels that can be tiled immediately after laying, reducing the working time and installation costs, or even systems for electric heating which can make the room temperature comfortable in a few minutes, also remotely manageable.

The Pro shower System, for example, is a system applied to floor-level shower trays that allows water to flow out without the danger of stagnation, using a waterproofing membrane, drainage channels, various profiles, and a sloping panel. To give more continuity to the environment, five different finishing grids are available, but the network can also be tiled with the same floor covering.

The Pro shower System Kit is available in the two versions Linear and Central. The Pro shower Base L Drain ducts, in stainless steel, or Basic Base, in polypropylene, are ideal for a shower with side discharge. Available in various lengths, they are equipped with a drain with an adjustable siphon to connect two or more channels. The kit for making a shower with a central duct includes the Pro shower Drain Vertical or Drain Lateral drainage system and the 10 x 10 cm stainless steel grid.

To insulate, thermally insulate and soundproof the shower, then, you can lay individual waterproof panels that adapt to any wall, but also of substrate or ceiling. For example, Profoil Panel, available in various thicknesses: from 6.35 mm to 50.8 mm, allows you to tile immediately after laying.

To further facilitate the commissioning work, some have also been designed ” Prefabricated recessed niches,” Nico Profoil Panel, available in four sizes, which can also be immediately covered with ceramic after installation, thus reducing work times. With this type of panel, benches, partitions, shelves, or small tanks can be made.

For a more comfortable bathroom, even from a thermal point of view, there are also ultra electric heating systems thin for floors and walls. Produces Heat Grip System, always patented by Progress Profiles, allows you to heat the bathroom in a few minutes and can also be laid on an existing floor, ensuring a significant reduction in costs and installation time.

The heating cable, which hooks onto the interlocking seats on the upper side of the membrane, is provided with various resistances in parallel and, if damaged, does not interrupt the operation of the entire system. It can also be controlled remotely through the latest generation thermostat, setting its service and differentiating the areas, thus avoiding unnecessary energy waste.

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