Siphon replacement


The process of replacing the siphon under the sink consists of the following steps:

  • Dismantle the old plum. Work is done on the bucket. A rag is prepared in advance, which should immediately close the hole in the sewer pipe to avoid unpleasant odors.
  • After disassembly, the remaining dirt is removed, and the sewer pipe is cleaned.
  • The threaded connections on the siphon housing are checked for burrs. If they are, they are carefully cut with a knife. It is also necessary to ensure that all gaskets are in place.
  • The sink drain grate is leveled and installed on the gasket or sealant so that there are no leaks.
  • A thick gasket is placed on the sink outlet, after which it is placed in the lower part in the center of the sink drain hole. A screw is inserted into the central hole and fixed with a screwdriver so that the discharge grid and the outlet are pressed against the sink.
  • It is going fiasco device. Below it, it is necessary to install a rubber gasket and fix the cover. A cap nut and a cone-shaped seal are placed on the sink outlet. The upper part of the siphon is mounted on it, after which the union nut of the outlet is screwed. Such a connection is reliable and tight. It is often used in non-pressure systems. A drain pipe is connected to the balloon.

Siphon’s designs may vary. The order of assembly of each of them is indicated in the attached instructions.

  • The drain pipe should be dried, and a sleeve greased with a sealant should be installed in it.
  • The exhaust end of the exhaust pipe is sized to fit, then inserted into the exhaust pipe, where it is sealed with a cuff.
  • For some time, water is pumped into the sink to check the connections.

This manual describes the installation of the bottle siphon. A tube type drainage device is even easier to install since it is not necessary to collect the balloon. The curled device should be folded into the shape of the letter “S” and secured with the help of a strap that enters the kit.

Useful tips

The following tips will help you manage the discharge without problems:

  1. When installing the siphon, it is necessary to ensure the asymmetrical arrangement of the drainage grid with respect to the hole in the sink.
  2. The device is cleaned by supplying hot water, which dissolves fat deposits well. To speed up the process, apply soda or special detergents. They are poured into the hole, and then intensely reddened, doing the laundry.
  3. The use of a plunger allows you to clean the device without removing the cockpit periodically.
  4. The tightness of the thread does not guarantee the tightness of the connections. Rubber gaskets offer reliable protection against leakage. If worn, they should be replaced.
  5. It is not advisable to pour too much-polluted liquids into the sink. At the time of release, a small filter is installed, which must be periodically cleaned.

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