Sanitary with modern lines


Essential and clean lines characterize modern bathroom fixtures. Still, in pairs, a vase and a bidet can have a square or rounded shape. Although white production predominates, there are also colorful models, even with gold or platinum finishes. Especially the opaque finish for the bathroom fittings (consequently, even the bathtub and washbasin must have a matt finish).

The modern sanitary ware is made mostly from ceramic, but there are also collections in other materials, such as the solid surface, which can be worked in forms with a strong aesthetic impact.

Among the modern sanitary ware, the suspended type is currently highly appreciated because it is characterized by a lighter visual effect and greater ease of cleaning the floor and the bathroom fixtures themselves; these are in fact smaller and – not resting on the ground – they have no edges on the floor, points where dust can be created. They are generally installed between 45 and 50 cm from the ground, which is an average height usually suitable for people of different stature.

Another feature of the new models is that of being “flush with the wall,” that is to say with pipes wholly hidden inside the sanitary that is thus thoroughly approached to the wall.

As for the hygienic vessels, those of modern production use rinsing systems with technologies that limit the waste of water. The models without flushing rim (rimless), with internal smooth and without border, facilitate the cleaning of the toilet.

The bidet – to choose single-hole or not depending on the type of fitting – can have waste ceramic in the same color finish for a sleek, contemporary aesthetic impact.

For those who have little space and want to have a toilet and bidet in one piece, there are new models with an impeccable design.

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