How to install a siphon on the bathroom


As a rule, the bathroom has a couple of holes. One is on the bottom, the other – on the front wall. From these characteristics is determined the design of the siphon for the bathroom, composed of these details:

  • the corrugation of the plastic tube;
  • bowl for drain;
  • knee with the tube.

We give the algorithm how to install a siphon under the bathroom:

  1. Preassemble the siphon and “try” as it will be under the bathroom. Before starting the installation of the siphon, it is necessary to consider the positioning of the pipes, determine the thickness and length of the pipe.
  2. In the upper hole of the bathroom (on the front wall), install a metal rim. Attach the tube to it.
  3. Using the bolt, attach the drain cup to the drain hole at the bottom.
  4. To connect the siphon to the holes, it is necessary to unroll the metal bolt (located on the bathroom itself). Then fix the pipe with a bolt to the hole.
  5. When the siphon components are assembled, the free end of the corrugations can be connected to the sewer pipe.
  6. Check the tightness of the joints – leave the water in the bathroom at low pressure. If there are no leaks, gradually increase the pressure. View the place under the bathroom – if there is no water, the siphon is ready for normal use.

Install a siphon for a washing machine

Siphons with taps were used for washing machines. The installation technology depends on the type of construction.

Fixed siphon type open fixing bracket:

  1. Place the fasteners on the wall.
  2. Drill the holes and screw the siphon to the wall.
  3. Connect the siphon to the tee using a flexible hose.
  4. The final stage – the connection with the washing machine.

Installation of a built-in siphon: a more laborious job. Method:

  1. In the first wall to make a hole.
  2. Secure the sewer and water pipes to the hole using the mounting bracket.
  3. Install the siphon with the curve.
  4. Connect the siphon to communications.
  5. Open the holes with cement mortar, fix the parts.
  6. Connect the washing machine according to the instructions.

General tips for installing the siphon

  1. Proceed to install the siphon should be after studying the instructions that come in the kit.
  2. When installing an acrylic or metal bathroom siphon, the drain hole must be treated with emery paper – this contributes to the seal of the gaskets.
  3. A siphon with an air jet requires a rigid connection to the wall.
  4. Before tightening the siphon, it is necessary to check that the gaskets are not displaced.
  5. The diameter of the exhaust pipe must be at least 5 cm.

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