Faucets with knobs: retro style or contemporary design


Taps with knobs are still the best choice for classic style bathrooms, but the new lines make them perfect even for modern environments where you don’t want to give up the tradition.

The taps with knobs remain one of the most suitable choices for classic style bathrooms, but today they are also revisited in a contemporary key, thus revealing perfect solutions even for modern bathrooms where, however, you don’t want to give up the tradition.

On the market, there are different types of mixers :

  • single control, in which hot water and cold water are supplied by a single handle which can be lateral or higher and which serves to control the flow rate of the water, mix it and adjust its temperature;
  • Thermostatic, which allows you to set the ideal water temperature and keep it constant even in the event of sudden changes in pressure. The new models are also introducing the touch system;
  • Dual control or knobs, in which there are two separate traditional knobs, one dedicated to the supply of hot water and the other to cold water. The taps with knobs, therefore, have a mixer, the central body from which the water flows, and two cross levers through which the temperature is manually adjusted. These models can have one or three holes, depending on whether the knobs are integrated with the same body of the mixer or separated from it.

The taps with knobs, before the arrival of the single-lever ones, were the most used in the past and continue to be used in bathrooms with classic inspiration or in case you want to renovate the bathroom without upsetting the attacks, which may not coincide with those of a more modern faucet. This solution is currently an exciting choice even for the most current or design bathroom environments, thanks to the particular lines of the new models proposed by the brands of the sector, which recall the past reinterpreting it in a modern key. Today the knobs have an attractive and particular design, ranging from the most elaborate to those with a linear and minimalist taste or embellished with decorative ceramic or crystal components, which make them an element of significant effect. Not only that but on the market, there are also proposals with interchangeable tops, which allow you to change the look of the entire battery more efficiently.

This type of faucets are made of different materials, such as stainless steel, copper, or brass, and with various finishes, to adapt to each context and satisfy every need. Moreover, they prove to be perfect not only for the sink but also for the bidet and the bathtub. If until recently, the tap assembly was mainly designed for installation on the pan/ top, today many are installed directly on the wall.

Although more traditional, these mixers are still equipped with valves that limit the water flow and regulate the temperature for higher water and electrical savings.

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