Design and technology for a practical and comfortable bathroom


The bathroom is increasingly becoming a place of relaxation and well-being, where you can spend even more time than necessary. For this reason, as well as due to demographic and behavioral changes – an increase in the number of older adults and more considerable attention to the most vulnerable, including children in the home – we often opt for aesthetically pleasing but practical solutions, convenient to use for everyone and above all quick to clean daily.

Design and technology meet these new needs, as well as material research, offering innovative solutions and new systems. Here then are the sanitary fittings designed without any “gray” area, with perfectly smooth surfaces, without porosity, and without rims, to avoid the nesting of dirt and bacteria. Or the toilets equipped with intelligent flushing systems, which make the water flow by covering the entire interior of the vessel to simplify daily cleaning and maintenance, and accessories such as seats and covers designed ad hoc to be easily and quickly removed.

The new materials contribute to renewal, offering an alternative comparable to the more traditional ceramics with, also, potentially linked to physical performance (many are born, for example, already antibacterial) and to environmental sustainability.

Bathtubs and showers are distinguished by the minimalism of the design and the volumes, designed to satisfy the eye but also the functionality, thanks to the elimination of the barriers to the use and the increase in safety and comfort. Floor-level dishes, ergonomic boxes, combined bathtubs are the best example, declined in a variety of finishes, and now also in colors, which allow harmonious insertion in any type of bathroom.

Complements and accessories adapt to the trend, accompanying in an elegant and minimally invasive way, as well as practical and safe, small daily gestures: such as the patented systems to hide the long and bulky hose of the showerhead of the tanks and at the same time simplify their ‘ use or folding support supports, to free the space and preserve the formal cleanliness of the whole — all to share spaces and pleasantness for every member of the family.

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