Choose the laundry basket


In the bathroom or laundry room, it is an essential accessory: the laundry basket must be practical and roomy. And sometimes, it can also be multifunctional.

In fabric, metal, plastic, or wood, the laundry basket is made of the most varied materials, all hygienic and easy to clean. Even the shape of this essential accessory in the bathroom or laundry can vary a lot: sometimes it looks like a bag standing upright or soft that, when empty, folded, takes up very little space; sometimes, it has a rigid structure; some models are square, others cylindrical.

Several are also the colors, even if commonly they are soft and natural tones, easily combinable with everything, basically white, gray, and beige.

Thanks to the particular design, some laundry cabinets become furnishing accessories that can be used not only in the bathroom or laundry. There are also two functions, for example, the stool: in this case, they are equipped with a comfortable seat.

If the washing machine is not in the same environment as the laundry basket, perhaps in the kitchen, it is preferable to evaluate a model with sturdy wheels or handles.

And it is, therefore, necessary to transport the laundry in another room of the house; for example, in the wash, it is better to choose a model with wheels or with.

The laundry containers must be easy to clean; those in wood or wicker should preferably be equipped with an inner bag, usually in cotton or linen, washable and breathable.

Some aeration is ensured in some laundry racks by holes or openings on the surface or by the interweaving of the material with which they are made.

Very practical the possibility that offers some models to subdivide laundry to wash according to the colors.

Bag-Shaped laundry bags, or those with a non-rigid structure, take up little space once emptied.

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