Bathroom renovation: what you need to know before you start


Work at home always involves a certain amount of stress, and problems arise, especially if it is the first experience with restructuring. For this reason, if you are struggling with the renovation of the bathroom, here are the times to keep in mind for this type of intervention.

Before dwelling on the time needed to renovate a bathroom, you need to be aware of the different phases that make up the bathroom renovation: do you already know what you’re up against when starting your bathroom work?

Bathroom renovation: the timing

There is no standard time frame for restoring a bathroom. Any intervention will require more or less time, depending on the work the bathroom needs.

However, we can hypothesize some case studies …

In the restyling of a not too dated bathroom, the workers will be able to employ from 2 to 5 days, while if your bathroom presents some losses or it makes fundamental the substitution of important components like the hydraulic system, then the works may last up to 6 or 7 days. On average, for bathroom renovations, the time frame almost never exceeds seven days.

Among the different types of jobs in the home, the renovation of the bathroom is one that certainly brings more inconvenience to those who live there, going through some delicate phases that prevent their use.

Not being able to use the bathroom is a problem, and it is precisely for this reason that the experts organize the various phases of intervention, trying to minimize the impact this can have on the people who live in the home.

The phases of the bathroom renovation

When the renovation of the bathroom requires a complete renewal – including what is not seen – the times are getting longer, and the work will be carried out in stages.

  1. Floor and screed. The first phase, in general, is the removal of the floor and dismantling of the screen in order to reach the hidden pipes.
  2. Hydraulic system. Subsequently, the pre-existing hydraulic system is replaced with more modern solutions such as the current PVC or polyethylene exhaust pipes, taking into account the respective characteristics and the connections of the sanitary fixtures that will then be installed.
  3. Electrical system and walls. If the electrical system does not need to be replaced or modified, the walls and plaster will be restored, arranging the tiles properly if they have been chosen to give a new style to the bathroom being renovated.
  4. Installation of new floors and sanitary. Fittings Then the installation of the screed and floors is followed, a phase that does not allow the use of the bathroom, and only then can the installation of the new sanitary ware and of the chosen taps continue.
  5. Final painting. Finally, a freshen up on the walls will give the bathroom a new color and will really give you the impression of entering a new bathroom!

Cost of complete bathroom renovation

The cost of bathroom renovation depends on the specificity of the work and the size of the bathroom.

In general, redoing a bathroom can cost from € 3,000 to € 7,000, but it is always advisable to ask for a bathroom renovation quote from the company that will do the work because there are many variables that come into play:

  • type of tiles
  • coatings
  • the size of the bathroom
  • health
  • particulate specifications or requests

Restructuring the bathroom without removing the tiles can reduce costs. When possible, this solution adds a new layer of tiles that cover the old ones.

Restoring bathroom: modern and comfortable ideas

If you are going to renovate the bathroom, but you are short of ideas, here are some useful and fashionable suggestions for the renovation of your bathroom.

First of all, have you already decided on the type of sanitary ware to buy?

Classic or suspended?

And for washing, is there nothing better than a relaxing bath in the tub or a refreshing shower?

One of the most up-to-date trends is to install suspended sanitary fixtures, which are appropriately placed on the wall through specific brackets that allow the vessel and bidet to remain attached to the wall but suspended so that they do not touch the floor.

As for the shower, instead, buying an acrylic dish guarantees several advantages, such as lightness, resistance, and a temperature difference in contact with the skin that is not too high. This can be combined with a tempered glass shower box with anti-scale treatment.

The shower opens a very wide chapter of options, and in addition to the insights on the blog, you can browse the models available in our catalog to know in detail the characteristics of the individual models.

For those who prefer the bathtub, a very comfortable freestanding acrylic bathtub with an irregular oval design could prove to be a good choice to make a difference in the bathroom.

Furthermore, during the renovation of your bathroom, do not neglect the importance of heating the environment: there are different types of radiators able to satisfy all your needs in a discreet and functional way. The radiator also plays a decisive role in optimizing space: moving from a traditional radiator to a modern radiator, you will be able to manage the bathroom space more intelligently.

Bathroom renovation and purchasing timing

Now you know what happens during the renovation of your bathroom, but before starting, it is advisable to choose and purchase new sanitary ware in good time.

This is not just a question of organization, but above all, to make sure that you already have health care available when you need to install it.

10% reduced VAT (what you need to know)

For all building restoration interventions, the 10% VAT rate is applied.

Ln particular:

  1. Services rendered dependent on contracts or work contracts relating to the implementation of:

– restoration

– conservative restoration

– restructuring

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