Bathroom cabinet with drawers


In addition to containing, the bathroom cabinet with drawers also generally acts as a support surface for the washbasin. In the versions with built-in washbasins, on the other hand, the basin is completely contained in what from the outside looks like the upper drawer, while it is only a curtain wall.

Compared to the more traditional solution with compartments closed by doors, the bathroom cabinet with drawers (or rather drawers because the height is significant) has the advantage that without bending, you can have easy access to all the objects contained.

You can have solutions with two drawers (suitable when the bathroom cabinet has a reasonably large width) or with a single paneling (preferable for smaller furniture), which looks like a door but is actually a removable compartment inside which the single drawers; in this case to open them, a double movement is needed.

With traditional handles or grooves for opening, the drawers generally have a  cushioned closure and can be equipped internally with compartments to keep objects divided and well-ordered.

The most articulated compositions, those substantially more substantial, also include other compartments, for example, in the open, in the same finish or in contrast, which give the whole a more muted effect and lighten its aesthetics.

In addition to furniture, the collection also often includes other accessories, such as mirrors, shelves, and towel rails, which for this reason, are offered in coordinated or matching colors.

The colors are the most varied (from the classic white and gray to the shades of wood to reach black) and are generally available in different standard sizes. Since, then, of modular modules, you can decide to combine one piece with another to get to have the desired size; often, in fact, even the industrial collections can be adapted, with a price also increased by 40% of the module on which the cut is made.

In the design and renovation phase , in homes where particular attention is paid to optimizing space and costs , it is possible to decide the length and precise position of the bathroom walls, also on the basis of the products to be inserted, so as to avoid – at least within certain limits – the use of custom-made and the higher costs involved.

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